design + branding workshop

hello, hello, hello!

this is a small collection of slidedecks, files and other resources to start with (web) design.
there are also surveys to figure out a starting point for branding / marketing yourself and your work meaningfully.

workshop slides

  1. intro
  2. design principles and web design
  3. branding + marketing
  4. setting up your online space
  5. wrap-up
extra: figma project showcasing different design principles.

branding self-exploration

  1. first survey
  2. second survey

(workshop only) links to services / tools

  1. Gandi
  2. Ghost
  3. GitHub
  4. Glitch
  5. Glitch Remix: Ghost
  6. Figma
  7. HTML5 UP!

other resources

resources, info and pointers: google doc